#1 – Scoop the Poop!

Your #2 is becoming our #1 issue! Carry poop bags for you and your dog and pack it out. If you dig a hole, make it 6”-8” deep, pack out your TP, and fill the hole with the soil you dug up.

#2 – Flowers Have Powers When Left on Their Towers

Keep the “wild” in wildflowers!  Leave them for wildlife, birds, pollinators, and other flower lovers!

#3 – It’s Okay to Follow the Beaten Path

Prevent trail erosion and damage to plants and flowers by staying on the trail.

#4 – Be a Good “Roll” Model

Yield to horses, hikers, and uphill riders. And braids are for long hair, not trails! Please don’t braid, stay on the trail.

Save plants and flowers by standing on rocks or bare ground when stepping off-trail or carrying your bike.

Ride through mud and not around it. Others will imitate you, so be a good “roll” model!

#5 – Tent Where it’s Meant!

Designated campgrounds are all around Crested Butte, so know before you go! Park your vehicle and pitch your tent on durable ground, and let the grasses and flowers grow and sow. Camping maps are available at Visitors’ Centers, making it easy to become a camping connoisseur.

#6 – Gather Garbage for Good

Leave it cleaner than you found it by picking up trash-yours and others! Trash and food scraps are unhealthy for wildlife, so pack it all out and dispose of it properly.

#7 – Cache The Car

It’s so easy to walk, pedal, or take the painted buses to get from here to there! Buses run every 15 minutes between town and the mountain.

#8 – Use The Rule of Thumb

These folks are too close! Are you too close? Here’s how to know: Can you cover up an animal with your thumb when you close one eye and extend your arm in front of you? Keep a safe distance between you, your dog, and wildlife.

#9 – Put Smiles in Everyone’s Miles

Smile and be courteous to other trail users, even those who aren’t necessarily minding their manners! You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar!

#10 – Speak Up!

It’s public lands we’re protecting, so go ahead-go public with it! Help us spread the word by sharing your message in a friendly way with others who may not know how to responsibly recreate.

Please Be Fire-Aware

  • Putting Out Your Campfire
  • Extinguish fires completely!
  • If the doused fire is cool to the touch in many places, then it’s out!